1933 Installation of G. Marconi Lodge 1620
From Right to Left
Top Row:              Joseph Longerato, Gene Longo, Joe Galardi, Tony DiSimoni, John Naventi, Leo Scarafoni
4th Row:               A. DiSimoni, Steve DeFancesco, Mike Tolvo, E. Delbarco, Bondi Salinetti, E. Scap;in, Tony DelDuca
3rd Row:         Peter Fumasoni, Tony Carlino, Peter Coco, Peter Menetti, Gene Sacchiero, Bill Salinetti, Ceasar Serra, Mr  Bona
2nd Row:    John Passetto, Frank Consolati, Leo Scolforo,  Mr. Valenti Sr., Jack Viani, Gus Barbini, Dominic Cavassa, Basilo Baldisserotto,
Andres  Banofin,  Lazarus  Buffis
1st Row:   Franscesco DelDuca, Charles Termini, Joe Valenti, Louis Gassaniga ( State Deputy), Louis DiGrigoli, Enzo Marinaro, Roger Canzano,
Pietro Scolforo, Leo Meldio, Cosimo Sorrentino
1930Pietro Scolforo started everything by going around the Town of Lee and signing up
Italian-Americans and collecting dues so that they joined the OSIA, ITAM Lodge in Pittsfield. Then
as the Lee grew bigger with more members (Approximately 55) they wanted to start their own
1931An all day meeting was held on Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with Lee, Pittsfield, and a
representative of Grand Lodge in Boston at "Marconi Hall" (now Bookless Block-1992) where they
rented the top floor for their meetings. After arguing all day, the decision was made that Lee could
form its own lodge.
1932It's official from Boston, G. Marconi Lodge #1620 in the Town of Lee is recognized as a new lodge
in the Order Sons of Italy in America.